Mayoral tape bisection attracts substantial crowd

February 25, 2012

 Mayoral tape bisection attracts substantial crowd

Celebrated orator, supporter of London businesses and notorious hand-in-suit-pocket-placer Mr Boris Johnson graced the T&G re-launch event with his hands firmly on the tiller of history.

Under the watchful eye of our erstwhile patron George III he delivered an inspired speech praising both our heritage and our resurgent spirit, before making the short walk up Middle Temple Lane to sever the artfully placed tape measure alongside T&G current owner and prime mover in its rejuvenation, Mr Mark Finch.    

We look forward to taking his proper measures and indeed those of all attendees - which included Mr Matthew Gilpin, generous provider of his artisan gin and excellent dispensing staff, alongside representatives from Fevertree tonic, DR Harris and countless notables from the worlds of the Law, Press and Commerce In General, all of whom left with a warm feeling and a well-stocked take-home receptacle. 

The ideal Friday lunchtime shindig. We must do it again some day. 

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