Mr Thresher & Mr Glenny

The Spirit of Mr Thresher

Mr Thresher was always the go-ahead sort. These days clothes conceived in a "Thresher" spirit will appeal to the faster set among our clientele: those to whom "black tie" is an invitation to improvise, for whom the suede shoe is not confined to weekends.

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The Spirit of Mr Glenny

Mr Glenny tended towards the conventional. If you seek the orthodox response to all those pressing questions - how many buttons, how wide the trouser, double or single for evening wear, midnight blue or black – his sage advice will ensure you raise no eyebrows.

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Mr Thresher & Mr GlennyThe Spirit of Thresher & Glenny

Most of us of balance both impulses. We may have Thresher days and Glenny days: Thresher occasions and Glenny functions.

As in a well-regulated Parliament with two strong parties, it’s this essential tension that keeps us in balance.

Too much of one is never ideal, while an absence of either is a recipe for dullness or, heaven forbid, dandification. Self-expression is one thing, self-indulgence quite another - as both Mr Thresher and Mr Glenny would agree.