Ready for Service

The Clemdan Ready For Service Range

Awaiting your frame and limbs

Mr Clemdan was the chap in charge of our pioneering ready-for-service collection
over a century ago. He made such a good fist of it that when he retired we kept
his name on. Much like the clothes themselves, it's lasted rather well.

All Clemdan clothes are produced to the same standard as their made-to measure
cousins,just without the fidelity to one's precise whim. There are many who
find these "Essentials" quite sufficient.

They still bear distinctive T&G details: each shirt comes with a separate
collar, each suit with side adjusters. Click below to browse the range.

Beautifully Crafted Shirts

Set apart from ordinary shirts by at
least eighteen details and the very
best materials.

Ready to Wear Shirts


Two sizes do not fit all. There's
no ridge at the toe. They're not
made abroad. That's quite enough

Full Sock Range

Boxer Shorts

Many a boxer likes to bob
and weave. Few do so in
such exquisite cotton.

Full Boxer Short Range


Handmade in England from
the fruit of working worms.
No similarity to inferior

Full Tie Range


Among our favourite
accoutrements: the signpost
to the correct trouser crease.

Full Braces Range